Building the best possible relationships between human and dog.


Our philosophy

There is no doubt that as dog owners we provide the most we can for our best friends. At Behavior Unleashed  we strive to meet all of your dog's needs with our training. Every dog is considered an individual and our goal is to provide you with service so your dog is happy and well-balanced. Proper exercise, training, enrichment, nutrition, and behavior modification are essential to achieve a pet that is in balance. Animals differ greatly in their individual needs for each. The most important factor is determining which are met with your dog and which may need additional attention. You will find that by fulfilling these needs in each area it will make for a happy pet and help minimize unwanted behavior problems.




About our trainers

Stef Corbeil

After attending the University of Connecticut and graduating  with a B.S. in Animal Science, Stef began her career with animals. Her experience includes work as a veterinary technician, animal control officer, shelter supervisor, shelter outreach with, and training and behavior consultations for shelters and private clients. For 8 years, Stef held a full time position at a guide dog school as a Certified Guide Dog Instructor Trainer and the Puppy Program Coordinator. Following her work with guide dogs, Stef worked with Suzanne Clothier as the Director of Program Development. In this role, she assisted in training seminars, creating online courses for dog trainers and performing evaluations for dogs, puppies, and litters.  She then moved into a role as the Canine Procurement Specialist for an explosive detection canine company.  As a Procurement Specialist, she was tasked with evaluating and acquiring dogs for the field of explosive detection, in addition to building and maintaining client relationships. Stef's variety of experience makes her the go to trainer for all training needs from how to raise your puppy to teaching your fearful or reactive dog new skills. Stef believes each animal is an individual and should be treated that way. At Behavior Unleashed we bring this philosophy to our training programs as well as customized puppy programs.