Supreme Puppy Program Overview

• 1.5 Hour Initial Consultation
• 6 - 1 Hour Weekly Training Sessions
• 1 - 1 Hour Socialization Training Walk
• 2 Field Trips - Obedience in Daily Life
• Veterinary Visit Preparation, includes Nail Trims/Brushing

• Socialization Support & Checklist
• Puppy Guidance Booklet
• How to Raise Your Puppy: Email & Text Support
• Training Treat Pouch & 20 ft long leash
• Puppy Skills Taught: Name Recognition, Sit, Down, Stay, Recall, Walking on Leash, Crate Manners, Relieving on Command, Go to Mat, Take it-Drop it, Leave it, Meeting & Greeting People & Dogs


Our all Inclusive Program

Our Supreme Puppy Program is designed to meet your puppy's needs in terms of training, socialization, veterinary care including nails trims and how to train and work with your puppy in real life scenarios. The inspiration behind this puppy program comes from our trainer's foundation for puppy raising of working dogs.  The puppy foundation for a working dog comes with specific criteria and skill set which your puppy will be able to benefit from with this program. With our Supreme Puppy Program your puppy will not only receive weekly training sessions and a socialization walk,but your puppy will also get to practice their skills  during the field trip training sessions. Contact us to get your puppy started on their training journey with our Supreme Puppy Program.


program details

All training packages expire within 3 months of the date of the initial consultation. For all of our puppy programs we have found that regular and consistent training proves to be most effective within this time


Email & Text Support services are provided for the duration of your 3 month training period.