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Foundation Puppy Program

Get your puppy off to the right start with our Foundation Puppy Program. Not only will you and your puppy learn new skills, you will be guided by our professional trainer on how to raise a well mannered and socialized dog. The perfect program to get your puppy the solid foundation they need.


Excellence Puppy Program

Our Excellence Puppy Program is designed to prepare your puppy for what they will need throughout their life to be a balanced and happy dog. The program includes additional training sessions with our professional trainer as well as email and text support on how to raise your puppy.


Supreme Puppy Program

The Supreme Puppy Program is an all inclusive program that provides training and support for all your puppy's needs.  The program is designed to teach your puppy new skills and how to take those skills into daily life. Spending time with our professional trainer on a field trip will prepare you and your puppy for training with real world distractions.



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