Behavior Modification Consultations

Behavior Unleashed Modification Sessions are perfect for dogs who are exhibiting behavior that is undesirable for you as the pet owner.  These behaviors can include house soiling, barking, separation anxiety, destructive chewing, fearful reactivity, aggression towards other animals and or people, in addition to many other behaviors you may question. This is a great opportunity for us to evaluate your dog and structure a behavior modification program to positively work towards your goal for you and your dog. These sessions are customized to your dog's specific needs and include a combination of behavior modification techniques as well as training new skills. 





Modification Packages

First Session(Meet & Set Up Program: 1.5 hour session

Single Session: 1 hour

Consultation Packages: 3 Sessions: 1 hour each, 5 Sessions: 1 hour each

Programs are tailored to your dog's specific needs. The sessions can be spaced out accordingly and additional sessions added if you choose.