Excellence Puppy Program Overview

• 1.5 Hour Initial Consultation
• 6- 1 Hour Weeky Training Sessions
• 1 - 1 Hour Socialization Training Walk
• Veterinary Visit Preparation
• Socialization Support & Checklist

• Puppy Guidance Booklet
•How to Raise Your Puppy: Email & Text Support
• Training Treat Pouch & 20 ft long leash
• Puppy Skills Taught: Name Recognition, Sit, Down, Stay, Recall, Walking on Leash, Crate Manners, Relieving on Command, Go to Mat, Take it-Drop it, Leave it

Benefits of this Program

The Excellence Puppy Program is a combination of private training sessions and a socialization training walk. During the training sessions your trainer teaches your puppy new skills and then shows you how to practice and reinforce those skills. Once your puppy knows the skills you will have the opportunity to take them on the road in real life scenarios on your socialization walk. Our all encompassing approach means that training sessions will include guidance on training, socialization and preparation for when your puppy goes to the vet. An added bonus with this program is the email & text support! This means your trainer will answer your questions within 24 hours so you can have quick solutions to all your puppy concerns.