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Behavior Unleashed Dog training & Customized Pet CARE

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Building & Supporting the Best Possible Relationships Between Human and Dog

There is no doubt that as dog owners we provide the most we can for our best friends. At Behavior Unleashed  we strive to meet all of your dog's needs with our training and customized pet care services. Every dog is considered an individual and our goal is to provide you with service so your dog is happy and well-balanced. Proper exercise, training, enrichment, nutrition, and behavior modification are essential to achieve a pet that is in balance. Animals differ greatly in their individual needs for each. The most important factor is determining which are met with your dog and which may need additional attention. You will find that by fulfilling these needs in each area it will make for a happy pet and help minimize unwanted behavior problems.

Please visit our Services section to learn about all of the services we can offer you and your pets.


Meet Our Trainers & Caregivers

Stef Corbeil

After attending the University of Connecticut and graduating  with a B.S. in Animal Science, Stef began her career with animals. Her experience includes work as a veterinary technician, animal control officer, shelter supervisor, shelter outreach with, and training and behavior consultations for shelters and private clients. For 8 years, Stef held  a full time position at a guide dog school as a Certified Guide Dog Instructor Trainer and the Puppy Program Coordinator. Following her work with guide dogs, Stef worked with Suzanne Clothier as the Director of Program Development. In this role, she assisted in training seminars, creating online courses for dog trainers and performing evaluations for dogs, puppies, and litters.  She then moved into a role as the Canine Procurement Specialist for an explosive detection canine company.  As a Procurement Specialist, she was tasked with evaluating and acquiring dogs for the field of explosive detection, in addition to building and maintaining client relationships. Stef's variety of experience makes her the go to trainer for all training needs from how to raise your puppy to teaching your fearful or reactive dog new skills. Stef believes each animal is an individual and should be treated that way. At Behavior Unleashed we bring this philosophy to our training programs as well as to our customized pet care.  



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Our Services


Training & Behavior ConsulTations

Behavior Unleashed Private Training Sessions: are designed to teach your dog new behaviors and strengthen your bond. Training sessions can range from a series of basic obedience commands to something very specific you want your dog to learn. Each training session and package is molded to meet your dog's learning style so it's both challenging and fun for your dog. We will be incorporating methods of positive reinforcement. Private training sessions are ideal for dogs that need more personal attention or need to perform certain behaviors that are specific to their home or daily surroundings.

We also have training sessions to ease medicine administration, grooming, body handling, and nail trimming needs.  The goal is to safely perform these tasks with minimal stress to your pet and no frustration for you. 

Behavior Unleashed Consultations are perfect for dogs who are exhibiting behavior that is undesirable for you as the pet owner.  These behaviors can include house soiling, barking, separation anxiety, destructive chewing, aggression towards other animals and or people, in addition to many other behaviors you may question. This is a great opportunity for us to evaluate your dog and structure a behavior modification program to positively work towards your goal for you and your dog.

First Training Session (Meet & Set Up Program): 1.5 hour session

Single Training Session: 1.5 hour

Training program packages: 3 Sessions: 1.5 hour each, 5 Sessions: 1.5 hour each 

Training packages are a great way to commit to change with your dog and take advantage of our package rate.

Programs are tailored to your dog's specific needs. The sessions can be spaced out accordingly and additional sessions added if you choose.


This visit includes a 30 minute walk for your dog in your neighborhood or close by walking paths or hiking trails. During this walk, we will reinforce any behaviors your dog already knows and provide them with the exercise they need. Walks are suggested for any age dog, wherever they are at in life we will meet them there. If 30 minutes isn't enough, you can always request a longer one.


WALk & Train

Not your average walk! A 30 minute walk and train not only includes exercise and socialization, but we also teach your dog to walk nicely on leash, basic obedience commands, getting busy on command and waiting before crossing any streets. Walk and trains are a great way to start obedience with your dog or to reinforce any training you are already doing. We can customize the skills specifically to your dog. Great for new puppies, adolescent dogs and any dog that just needs practice with the basics. We suggest pairing walk and trains with a training lesson so that your dog learns that all new skills apply to everyone in the household.

Puppy Visit & Training

A puppy visit includes playtime at home and puppy training. These 30 minute visits are a wonderful way to meet your puppy's physical and mental needs. We teach the skills: name recognition, target, sit, down, stay, come, place and get busy on command. Puppy visits and puppy socialization walk & trains are paired nicely with a training session. Your trainer will teach you the skills your puppy is learning so that your puppy knows how to listen to everyone in the household.

Puppy Visit with Socialization Walk & Training

Puppy walks are designed with a puppy's needs in mind. Developing puppies need appropriate socialization to people, dogs and the environment they live in. Puppy walks provide the necessary socialization while working on the fundamental skills: name recognition, target, sit, down, relax and get busy on command. Many of our clients will pair our puppy visits with our puppy socialization walks, so that their puppy gets a well rounded foundation to training as well as socialization. Contact us to see what program would be best for your puppy!


Daily Check In Visit

Whether you are away for the day at work, for a day trip, overnight for the weekend or away for an extended vacation our daily check in visits have you covered. A daily check in visit is completely customized to your dog and other pets at home. These visits include playtime at home, relief time, feeding and medicine administration if needed. 


Grooming & Nail Care

We offer grooming and nail care in addition to our other services. This can be requested by itself, but most of our clients  add grooming and nail care to their daily check in visits.  Having one of our caregivers come to your home allows your dog to feel more comfortable in their home environment and gives us the opportunity to build a relationship with your dog.


Full Service CARE

Can't be home with your pet full time, but want the peace of mind that they are completely taken care of? We have added our full service care option for our clients who need full time support. This service is completely customized with each pet's specific needs taken into account. This service was originally designed for pets recovering from surgery, pets with multiple medications per day, dogs with physical restrictions or full service end of life comfort and care. In addition to care, we provide veterinary trips and counseling support. Because this service is so specific, we suggest you contact us to set up a free phone consultation to develop a plan that is customized to your pet.


OVernight Puppy Care

One of our most popular services is our overnight puppy care.  With our overnight puppy care, your puppy comes to stay with us in our home. While at our home we reinforce any behaviors your puppy is learning, your puppy socializes with our two resident dogs, we provide playtime in our fully fenced in yard and your puppy becomes part of our family for the night. Not only does this allow you to get away for a night or more, but it teaches your puppy fundamental life skills of being able to be flexible in a new home and adds to the positive experiences library for your pup. Due to its popularity, we suggest you book your overnight puppy visit in advance.


In home Boarding 

In home boarding is available to clients on a limited basis. Because when your dog comes to stay with us, they become part of our family, we limit the number of dogs we take in at a time. Please contact us in advance if you would like to request this service. We will do our very best to meet your request. 



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