Private Training Lessons

Behavior Unleashed Private Training Sessions: are designed to teach your dog new behaviors and strengthen your bond. Training sessions can range from a series of basic obedience commands to something very specific you want your dog to learn. Each training session and package is molded to meet your dog's learning style so it's both challenging and fun for your dog. We will be incorporating methods of positive reinforcement. Private training sessions are ideal for dogs that need more personal attention or need to perform certain behaviors that are specific to their home or daily surroundings.

We also have training sessions to ease medicine administration, grooming, body handling, and nail trimming needs.  The goal is to safely perform these tasks with minimal stress to your pet and no frustration for you. 


Training Packages

First Training Session(Meet & Set Up Program: 1.5 hour session

Single Training Session: 1 hour

Training programs: 3 Sessions: 1 hour each, 5 Sessions: 1 hour each

Programs are tailored to your dog's specific needs. The sessions can be spaced out accordingly and additional sessions added if you choose.

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